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There is actually no such thing as the perfect nose, and no size or shape that is right or wrong.

Yet many people are unhappy with their nose and seek to change its size or shape through surgery. If done well, rhinoplasty (nose surgery) can have a dramatic effect on the whole face.

But when it comes to noses, it is not one size fits all. You need the right size and shape for you.

These images will give you an idea of what changes can be made. Read on for our top tips on getting the best results.

Large hooked nose

rhinoplasty hooked nose

This patient had a large, hooked nose that dominated his face. Surgery has straightened the nose, creating a more pleasing profile. The size of the nose is kept in proportion with the face.

Nose too flat

nose surgery for flat nose

This young woman was unhappy with the flat shape of her nose. Building up the nose has given her whole face a completely different look.

Hooked bridge

nose job hooked nose

This lady had a hooked bridge, which as well as giving her a crooked profile, made her nose look large. Surgery has corrected the hook, leaving the nose straighter and looking smaller.

Subtle change


In this patient the nose has been reduced and reshaped to give it a smaller, more up-turned appearance. The new shape and size fits the face well, improving the overall appearance.

How to get the best results

If you are considering reshaping your nose, here are our top tips to ensuring you get a result you are happy with

  •  Don’t overdo it

Never be tempted to go too small or opt for a shape that will not fit your face. You may love snub, button noses, but if they are not right for your face they will look odd

  • Do spend time talking to your surgeon

Make sure the surgeon understands exactly what you are hoping to acheive. Look at photos of yourself and show the surgeon the change you would like. But listen to your surgeon, too, as he or she will know what will best suit your face. Don’t go ahead until you have agreed what is achievable

  • Find a good surgeon

This is the most important point of all. Ensure you are using a well-qualified, experienced surgeon, and don’t commit until you are completely happy. Ask to see examples of their work and even to speak to former patients. Make sure there is good aftercare in place and if you feel at all pressured to go ahead before you are ready, walk away.

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