Eye-lift surgery for menMore and more men are wanting to look good and keep a youthful appearance as they grow older.

And, why not, we say; looking good should not only be for the ladies.

A growing number of men are coming to us for all sorts of cosmetic procedures, and one of the most popular is eye-lift surgery.

Sagging eyes not only make us look older they can also give a  tired or even miserable appearance – totally different to how we are feeling on the inside.

Eye-lift surgery is a simple procedure that will lift the eye and reduce puffiness and wrinkles, giving a younger and more rested look.

One Medcare patient, Raymond Warwick, had this to say about his upper and lower eye-lift procedure:

“The whole process was very smooth, and I had no problems whatsoever. I felt well looked after before surgery, everything was explained well to me. The surgery went as expected, the hospital was very easy and they looked after me really well.  The surgeon was excellent.  The aftercare was excellent and exactly as promised. I am still healing and not expecting the full result until a year is up, but every day is better.”

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