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The eyes are the focus of the face and mirror to our thoughts and feelings. Ageing eyes can make us look tired, sad or even angry – presenting emotions to the world that we simply don’t feel.

As we age it is common for brows and lids to sag, which can leave us looking considerably older than we feel.

But, the good news is that eye-lift surgery (blepharoplasty) is one of the most successful cosmetic surgery procedures.

In skilled hands, eyes can easily be restored to a lifted, refreshed and more youthful look.

This surgical procedure involves trimming excess skin, tightening and trimming muscles and repositioning fat around the eyelids. Both upper and lower lids can be treated.

The procedure is often performed with a brow or full face lift but can be performed on its own.

Why choose Medcare for eye-lift surgery?

We work with a leading cosmetic surgeon, Dr Teresa Bernabeu. Dr Bernabeu is highly qualified and has carried out countless eye-lift procedures.

In addition to consulting at Medcare, Dr Bernabeu is consultant plastic surgeon at Medimar Hospital, Alicante.

And, Dr Bernabeu has the backing of the whole Medcare team – from our British GP and nurse to our administrative staff – all of whom are dedicated to making any surgical experience as easy and stress free as possible  – both before, during and after treatment.

One of our eyelift patients, Raymond Warwick, had this to say about his upper and lower eye-lift procedure:

“The whole process was very smooth, and I had no problems whatsoever. I felt well looked after before surgery, everything was explained well to me. The surgery went as expected, the hospital was very easy and they looked after me really well.  The surgeon was excellent.  The aftercare was excellent and exactly as promised. I am still healing and not expecting the full result until a year is up, but every day is better.”

drooping upper eyelids

Drooping upper lids are corrected with surgery, taking the heaviness off of the upper eyelid.

eyelid surgery

Puffy under eyes have here been corrected with surgery, giving a smoother, younger look.

eyelift surgery before and after

Quite severe bags have been greatly reduced with surgery.

upper eyelid surgery

Upper lids have been dramatically improved, giving this patient a much younger look.

Watch this video for an explanation of what is involved in eye-lift surgery…

Follow one woman’s experience of eye-lift surgery…

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