metrosexual men and aesthetic treatments

From Bromance to Brotox – why men are falling in love with aesthetic treatments

These days, beauty is not just for the ladies. The past decade has seen a huge increase in the number of men getting aesthetic treatments.

So, what’s changed and why are men now caring more about their appearance than ever before?

Our chief aesthetics doctor, Najma Hussain, says it is because men are now realising they can look younger and more attractive without radical treatments and lots of downtime.

“Many men are seeing what the ladies are up to and how good they are looking, and they want the same. It is becoming more common and more acceptable for men to care about their appearance.”

And, it makes sense. After all, many men spend hours in the gym toning their bodies, so why would they not care about their faces.

Leading the new Brotox generation of aesthetic treatment savvy men are of course the many male celebrities who appear to be defying the ageing process.

Simon Cowell

The X-Factor judge has been open about his regular Botox injections and says it is a common procedure among the rich and famous. And it is certainly keeping the music mogul looking young.


David Hasselhoff

The Hoff may have started out being more famous for his body, but these days we’re talking about his face, too. Regular injections around his mouth help maintain his winning smile.


Brad Pitt

He’s as famous for being one of the best looking men in Hollywood as he is for his acting skills, but has Brad had a little help? Many say yes. Although the look is subtle – and Brad has allowed a few lines to make his handsome face more rugged – it is thought he has had Botox.


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