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Spain is fast becoming one of the most popular choices for people seeking cosmetic surgery overseas.

There are many reasons for its growing popularity, and we firmly believe Spain is one of the best, if not the best choice for anyone seeking to have a surgical procedure abroad.

Spain offers excellent transport links from the UK and other European countries, has well-trained, highly skilled doctors and many state-of-the-art private clinics and hospitals.

With large international communities living on the costas, and thousands of holiday makers coming to the country every year, Spain is also well equipped to deal with people from other countries. All of this somehow makes Spain seem more familiar than other cosmetic surgery destinations, and as English is widely spoken, the experience can be far less daunting.

Another big attraction is price. While cost should certainly not be at the top of your list of criteria when deciding something as serious as elective surgery, the reality is that for most of us it is a big consideration.

Because overheads are lower in Spain, the cost of surgery can work out significantly less than in the UK or other European countries, while the quality of surgeons, clinics and hospitals is comparable or even superior.

And, currently, with sterling and other non-euro currencies strong against the euro, savings are even greater.

For many years, it was the Costa del Sol that held a virtual monopoly on cosmetic surgery tourism to Spain, and it is still a popular cosmetic surgery destination. Being a favoured playground to the rich and famous meant the area was a logical location for the plethora of cosmetic surgery clinics that based themselves there.

But as cosmetic surgery has become more affordable and less the preserve of the celebrity set, other parts of Spain have gained the repuation as centres of affordable excellence for cosmetic surgery.

They may not have the prestige of Marbella, but they don’t have the price tag either.

Leading the way is the Valencian and Alicante region of Spain, where first-rate surgeons and top-notch clinics and hospitals attract patients from the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and many other countries.

But, even with so much excellence, it is vital that you make sure you choose the best surgeon and clinic for your procedure. And, with so many to choose from it can be difficult.

At Medcare we work in a different way to most clinics. We are unique in the area in that we are run by a British doctor. Our support team are also British and we only work with surgeons who we thoroughly vet and know to be the best in their field.

Aftercare is a priority to us, too, as not only is it important for the patient’s comfort and safety, but can also influence results. Our surgeons provide excellent aftercare, and you have the added security of our British doctor and nurse being available if needed.

If you are contemplating having a cosmetic surgery procedure in Spain, talk to us. We offer free consultations at our clinics in Benijofar and Alfaz del Pi and will soon be making consultations available at our Manchester clinic in the UK.