How to choose a cosmetic surgeon

When Kay Casson decided to go for a tummy tuck, she was naturally nervous.

Health problems, medication and eight surgeries in four years had seen her weight yo-yo and left her with scarring, baggy skin around her middle and suffering from depression.

She’d finally got her weight back under control, but was left with a stretched middle. Her self-esteem was at an all-time low.

So, stepping into the office of cosmetic surgeon Dr Teresa Bernabeu at the Medcare was a big deal for Kay. She had no idea what to expect.

As soon as she met the doctor, her nerves vanished. “He was great. She put me at my ease and explained everything. He showed me lots of pictures and I knew I wanted to go ahead immediately,” Kay said.

‘It gave me back my confidence’

Kay had her surgery at the private hospital in Alicante where Dr Bernabeu operates and could not be happier. “It gave me back my confidence,” she says.

Unfortunately, not everyone going under the knife has such a good experience. The key to being as happy as Kay is without doubt choosing the right surgeon.

A good surgeon should offer a free consultation so you can get to know him or her and get your questions answered. They should be able to offer evidence of their qualifications and show you photos of their work and patient testimonials. Dr Bernabeu has hundreds of happy patients so had no problem producing evidence of his work. She is registered with the General Medical Council in Spain, which gave Kay great reassurance.

Good aftercare is essential

Aftercare is extremely important and can dramatically alter results, so always ask what the aftercare arrangements are. At Medcare patients get follow ups with the surgeon and have the British GP and nursing staff to care for them if required.

Sometimes surgery is not right for a person, and if this is the case, a good surgeon will tell you. Because Medcare offers a range of treatments, not just surgery, patients may find there is a better non-surgical alternative to achieve the results they desire.

Our philosophy is to listen

The Medcare philosophy is to listen to what patients want and come up with the very best option for them.

If it is surgery, they are assured that they have a caring, experienced surgeon who achieves the most natural-looking results. If they are having implants, they can be confident that only the best quality, safest products are used. If they opt for non-surgical cosmetic treatments, they get the most advanced treatments administered by a doctor or qualified therapist. Medical treatments, such as facial injections, are always performed by a doctor.

Plus, Medcare is able to offer patients excellent prices, with a real saving on UK prices.

To find out more about cosmetic surgery or non-surgical alternatives, call us to arrange your FREE consultation.