As we age, we get wrinkles. It’s a fact of life that none of us can avoid.

That doesn’t mean we have to like it, though. And, thankfully, with advances in cosmetic medicine there are now treatments that can minimise, delay or even reverse wrinkles.

We offer many different wrinkle-busting therapies at our clinics in Benijofar and Alfaz del Pi on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Our aesthetics doctor, Najma Hussain, explains: “Loss of collagen – the principle building block of skin – is the main reason skin ages. As collagen depletes, skin becomes thin, sagging and lined. Therefore, when we are looking at ways to delay or minimise wrinkles, and re-plump skin, we are aiming to replace lost collagen. This really is the Holy Grail of skin rejuvenation.

“Breakthroughs in skin science have given us many options when it comes to stimulating collagen production, so now it really is possible to keep skin looking younger for longer, and even reverse some of the effects of ageing.”


Here are a few of Dr Hussain's favourite wrinkle-busting treatments


Sculptra is a liquid that is injected into the skin. Its active ingredient stimulates cells to produce collagen. The Sculptra does not remain in the skin so the rejuvenation is natural. Sculptra leaves skin smoother and less lined.  As well as minimising wrinkles it corrects gauntness and gives the face a more youthful plumpness. Read one patient’s review of Sculptra

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy 

This clever treatment harnesses the body’s healing properties by taking the best part of the blood – platelets – and injecting the healing goodness back into the skin.

The platelets rebuild and repair aged cells and stimulate collagen production. Skin becomes younger-looking, plumper and less lined.

Dermapen micro-needling 

Micro-needling takes advantage of the fact that when the body senses damage it wants to repair itself.

Tiny injuries, in the form of hundreds of needle pricks, are created, causing the body’s repair mechanism to spring into action. Cells are activated and new collagen and elastin formed.

Micro-needling softens lines and minimises pores. It smooths acne scars and combats pigmentation and uneven skin tone. We prefer Dermapen as we have found the results from Dermapen are superior to other devices.

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Exilis Elite Radiofrequency 

Radiofrequency has become the new buzzword in non-surgical face lifting and it is easy to see why. With this treatment not even so much as a tiny pin prick punctures the skin.

Radiofrequency energy is applied to the face, heating to the right temperature and depth to stimulate collagen and have a tightening, and therefore lifting, effect. It is great for treating jowls, turkey necks, and generally smoothing and ‘lifting’ the face.

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Medical-grade skin products

Medical-grade skin products utilise ingredients in strengths and formats not available in over-the-counter ranges. These products can boost collagen production and give excellent skin smoothing and rejuvenating results. Medcare particularly likes ZO and the Glo medical range.


An old favourite and still a great treatment, Botox works by paralysing the muscles that cause lines. It is particularly good for frown lines on the forehead above the nose, and also forehead wrinkles.

Dermal fillers

Great for filling individual lines, such as nose to mouth lines. Plus, the new generation of fillers can be used to ‘sculpt’ the face, replacing lost volume as well as minimising or erasing wrinkles.



As we can see from this patient, an increase in collagen has made skin smoother and the face less guant. Overall, the patient looks more youthful.



Kim Kardashian is a fan of PRP. The treatment can help her to maintain her famously flawless skin.

Exilis Elite


Exilis Elite is perfect for treating turkey necks, jowls and generally smoothing and ‘lifting’ the face.

ZO by Dr Zein Obagi


Medical-grade skincare products developed by world-renowned dermatologist, Dr Zein Obagi, achieve outstanding results.