Have you been neglecting your body skin during the big winter cover-up? If so, now’s the time to buff-up, smooth and hydrate in preparation for the great summer reveal.

At Medcare, we have the most amazing range of glo body products, from glo’s professional skincare range.

These products will give you everything you need to make your skin beach-ready.


Glo Therapeutic Body Exfoliant

A dual action chemical and physical exfoliator with a potent combination of lactic and salicylic acids.  Smooths, brightens and deep cleanses the skin, getting rid of any roughness. Powdered Bamboo Stem Extract lifts away dead skin cells without irritation.


Glo Therapeutic Body Cream

A wonderful cream for smoothing and resurfacing rough skin.  Glycolic acid helps to exfoliate while anti-inflammatory and brightening ingredients reduce redness and soften the appearance of discoloured areas.


Volumising Breast Cream

Stimulates blood flow and moisturises the breast area. This leads to higher concentration of lipid accumulation, enhancing curves and encouraging fuller breast volume. Safely and effectively nourishes the skin while creating a youthful look.

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