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While we have been offering some amazing in-clinic anti-ageing procedures that are giving our patients excellent results, the one thing we have found to be missing from our services was a good skincare range.

We wanted to change this, so our aesthetics doctor has been busy researching the best products on the market – and she has found what she believes to be the ultimate in skincareĀ  – the ZO range.

ZO stands for Zein Obagi, or Dr Zein Obagi, the celebrated Beverley Hills dermatologist who has developed the range.

Some of you may already know of Dr Obagi’s first range – known simply as Obagi. If you do, you will be aware that his skin care products are second to none. However, likeĀ  so many success stories, the popularity of Obagi took it away from where Dr Obagi wanted it to be as he handed over much of the control of his company.

Realising he wanted to re-focus once again on updating his products with the most up-to-date knowledge in skincare, Dr Obagi split with the company that bears his name and created his second skincare range ZO.

He says this allowed him to learn all the lessons of Obagi, taking the best elements of the products, but developing them still further with the latest scientific findings in skincare – nothing stands still for long.

The ZO range is different from many skincare products as it actually works to deliver product to the cellular level and is able to regenerate at that level. It’s all bit technical to go into detail here, but have a look at our treatment page on ZO to find out more.