Sunday March 08 was International Women’s Day, and women across the globe were Making It Happen with an uprising of love, support and girl power.

There are far too many awesome women in the world – and even here on the Costa Blanca – to single out our most inspiring women. So, to mark International Women’s Day, we thought we’d introduce you to some of the fabulous female faces behind Medcare.

All of them work hard to make sure that your Medcare experience is the best it can be.

Most likely the first woman you will meet when you walk through the clinic door is Joe – our super-efficient head receptionist. Without Joe, the place would almost certainly grind to a halt. Some days you might find Joe frantic and frazzled as she juggles the demands of our doctor, dentists, therapists and aesthetician. But she always finds time for a friendly chat and a laugh with our patients.

If you’re at Medcare to see Juliette, then you are really are lucky. For Juliette offers the most wonderful, relaxing facials imaginable in our uber-chic, aroma-filled Beauty Room. And Juliette’s facials aren’t just any old facials, she uses the very best ZO and Glo pharmaceutical grade products – which really make a difference. Juliette has a wonderful, calming couch-side manner so you’re sure to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

You may see Angie out on reception helping Joe when things get busy, but a lot of the time she is tucked away in the back office where she does a great job keeping Medcare admin ticking over and making sure the financial side of things is as it should be. As an experienced medical PA who has worked for top surgeons in the UK, Angie is definitely the woman to keep us organised.

Women’s Day is all about loving ourselves – all of ourselves, even our feet! So, if you have been failing to give your tootsies the love and care they deserve, Helena, our wonderful, gentle chiropodist, is your woman. Put your feet in her hands and learn to love them again.

Massage therapist Irena has magic in her fingers. Her patients come in stressed, knotted or in pain, and float out feeling relaxed and soothed. Now, there’s a powerful woman. Not surprising, really, as Irena is trained in many types of massage and brings fantastic skills and experience to the job.

The gorgeous Rocio is a woman you wouldn’t mess with – she’s a dentist and they can inflict pain! Not that she does, of course. Rocio is not only a first-class dentist, with specialist expertise in orthodontics and various other areas of dental medicine, she is also an expert at putting patients at their ease. We may not be able to claim you will enjoy going to the dentist, but with Rocio at your chair-side it is not all bad.

Tracey & Lisa
As if you’re not spoilt enough with one lovely woman in the dental surgery, there are two more. Dental nurses, Tracey and Lisa, are super-efficient, friendly and experienced. They will do everything they can to make sure your dental visit is not too traumatic.

Finally, of course, there is the Medcare doctor – Dr Najma Hussain. Dr Hussain has certainly proved she is a strong woman. She co-founded Medcare and keeps both the medical and aesthetics side running, seeing and treating dozens of patients every week, all while taking advanced courses to make sure she stay on top of her game and looking after a young family.

So, whether you are a man or a woman, get yourself down to Medcare for the very best medical, dental and aesthetics treatments – and meet the team of awesome women who keep it all going. There are a few men, too, but as we’re celebrating Women’s Day, they are not important right now!