breast surgery

Breast surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures.

It seems more women are unhappy with their breasts than any other part of their bodies.

Some women feel their breasts are too small, while others dislike that their breasts have lost shape and volume since having children or with age. Some have unevenly shaped breasts and some complain that their breasts are too large. Then there are women who have survived cancer and have breast implants to reconstruct breasts after mastectomies.

Says Dr Teresa Bernabeu, who consults at our aesthetics clinics: “It seems the reasons women choose breast surgery, and the outcomes they are after, are as varied as the range of sizes and shapes breasts come in.

Body confidence

“But one thing my patients often do have in common is that dissatisfaction with their breasts means they are lacking in body confidence. After surgery the way they feel about themselves can really change. And, in the case of reductions, it can make a big physical difference – alleviating back pain and skin problems under the folds of large breasts.”

One mother whose daughter had breast implant surgery at Medcare because her breasts did not develop told us: “It has made such a difference to her. She has gained so much confidence and feels good about herself. It is lovely to see that she can wear whatever she wants without feeling self-conscious.”

Deciding to go for surgery is a big decision and women worry about the surgery itself and also about the result they are going to get.

If you are to be happy with your new breasts the first thing you must do is find a surgeon you are comfortable with.

Ask the right questions

You should always meet any prospective surgeon, without charge, before making a decision and be given enough time to thoroughly discuss the procedure with them. The surgeon should be able to answer all your questions and explain the result they feel they can achieve for you.

You should also consider where the surgery will take place, whether the hospital staff will take good care of you and what the aftercare procedures are.

Alison chose to have breast implants after meeting Dr Teresa at a free consultation. She says: “Dr Teresa is a fantastic surgeon. She explains everything so clearly.”

Another of Dr Teresa’s breast augmentation patients told us: “I’ve had a really good experience.  I liked the nurse, and all the staff at Medcare.  Everything has been great.

“At the hospital they had an English speaking liaison person who spoke perfect English and she showed me how to get English channels on the TV!

“After I was discharged I was given Dr Teresa’s mobile phone number and could always contact her on that.”

Be prepared when you go to your initial consultation. Think what questions you want to ask and don’t be afraid to ask them. Whatever your concerns are, the surgeon will almost certainly have heard them all before.

Ask to see pictures of the surgeon’s work. This will help the surgeon explain the kind of results you can expect to achieve.

Will I look natural

With breast implants, Dr Teresa explains that one of the main concerns women have is whether their breasts will look natural after the procedure.

“They may have seen photos or know people whose breasts looked an unnatural shape or were too hard after surgery. This really should not happen if you have a good surgeon who is using high quality implants.”

Patient Alison agrees, and says her friends did not expect her to get the natural look that Dr Teresa achieved. “Just six weeks after my breast implant op I was feeling great and my boobs looked amazing. My friends were shocked at how quickly I recovered and how natural my breasts looked.”

Free consultation

If you are thinking about having breast surgery, either implants or reduction, then book a free, no-obligation consultation with Dr Teresa to find out more. Just call us on 966 860 258 to book.