Top five tips for Botox and fillers in SpainWhat are volumising facial fillers?

If you want to restore a youthful look to your face without going under the  knife, volumising facial fillers could be just what you are looking for.

Dermal fillers have  long been used to fill specific lines and wrinkles, but the  new generation of volumising fillers can fill larger areas of the face, restoring youthful volume and giving a more pleasing facial contour.

Fillers can sculpt the face

Effectively, the aesthetic doctor can sculpt the face – perhaps adding more volume to cheek or temple areas to give a lifting effect where the face has sagged, or filling sunken cheeks.

In the hands of a good aesthetics  doctor, this is one of the most effective non-surgical aesthetics  treatments.

However, perhaps more than with any other non-surgical aesthetics treatment, finding a good, experienced doctor is key.

Find the best doctor for facial fillers

The results you get are totally dependent on the skill of the doctor. For the  best results you will need a doctor who can really look at the structure of the face and know exactly where to add volume for best effect.

He or she must have a really good understanding of how the product reacts, what effect the placing will have on every individual face, and a really good eye.

Our aesthetic doctor, Najma Hussain,  trained under top aesthetics doctors in London and has a great deal of experience using volumising dermal fillers.

But even more important than this, she has lots of happy patients who are thrilled with the results they get in Dr Hussain’s hands.

Volumising facial filler review

Patients such as Lorraine Priestley, who says: “I’ve been going to see Dr Hussain for quite a while and have always been very happy with my treatments.  My chin area has been getting a little lined and saggy.  Since my Juvederm injections it has all lifted and the lines have disappeared.   Where I had a slight jowl on the other side, that’s disappeared as well.  I would definitely recommend this treatment to all my friends.  It’s all about getting the right grade of filler in the right areas, and Dr Hussain is an expert at that.”

What brand of dermal filler is best

Another thing to consider when choosing a doctor to carry out volumising filler treatments, is what brand of filler they are using.

There are many brands on the market, and all will perform differently. Certain brands will give better results than others.

Dr Hussain favours a combination of fillers to get the best results – but all market-leading, authentic, quality products such as  Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Vycross, Sculptra an Belotero.

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