We offer excellent treatments to help with problem areas of body fat – from tummy tucks and liposuction, to Aqualyx fat melting injections and Exilis Elite body contouring.

While these do give fantastic results – and can sometimes deal with problem areas that exercise alone won’t help – we still encourage all our patients to exercise.

If you have had a cosmetic procedure, exercise will help you maintain the results. If you are thinking of treatment, exercise may get you into better shape first and enhance the results of your procedure. Plus, of course, it is beneficial for your health as well as improving your shape – so it really is a win-win.

To help you, we are sharing this ten minute abdomen shaping exercise routine. We will post some more exercise videos for you in coming newsletters, so why not commit to doing this one for ten minutes two or three times a week and see what a difference you can make before we share the next one.