Aren’t headlines wonderful things! If you’d glanced at the Daily Mail this week you may have seen Can pancakes tame diabetes? plastered across the health pages. Don’t get excited – the answer is, of course they can’t – they’re packed full of SUGAR! But they may contain a magical ingredient that could help – buckwheat.

It is thought buckwheat could help lower blood sugar levels, and so it is being given to people with Type 2 diabetes in a trial in Canada. Earlier research found buckwheat lowers glucose levels in animals by up to 19 per cent.

Sadly for participants in the study, they don’t get to eat buckwheat pancakes, just crackers with different amounts of buckwheat.

For more information on diabetes, diagnosing and dealing with the condition read our page on diabetes

Shock for skin cancer sufferers

New research has found a shock of electricity can destroy malignant melanomas. The US researchers tried it out on animals and found cancer was destroyed and none had recurred after four months.

It is believed the electriccaql pulse damages the tumour cell’s DNA and disrupts its blood supply. Further trials are expected.

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 Superbugs get plastered

If you want to get rid of superbugs, it seems you may just have to call in the decorators. Drug-resistent superbugs are posing a massive challenge for hospitals but now there is new hope in the form of a decorator’s plaster.

The plaster, developed in China, has a secret ingredient tat instantly destroys any bugs that come into contact with it. In tests, it was more effective at killing a range of bacteria than penicillin, and can destroy MRSA and E.coli.


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