Suntan Lotion Woman Applying Sunscreen Solar Cream. Beautiful haDid you know that the UV rays from the sun are responsible for an incredible 80% of skin ageing?

That’s right – the vast majority of your lines, wrinkles and pigmentation are actually damage from sunlight, according to dermatologists at the L’Oreal Institute in Paris.

And, just a 2% increase in skin damage can age a face by three years.

The researchers found that those with sun damage of 80% looked their true age, while those with 82% looked three years older than their age, and those with 78% three years younger.

So, if there is one thing you should be doing to slow down the ageing process (and, of course protect against skin cancer) it is use a sunscreen.

Here are our tips on using sunscreens correctly to protect your skin against ageing –

  • This first one is a MUST. Make sure the sunscreen you choose has high protection against both UVA and UVB. Some sunscreens prevent the burning UVB rays, but do not protect against the UVA rays – and these are the ones that cause the most ageing
  • Use a high factor sunscreen – definitely no less than 30
  • Don’t wait for summer, use sunscreen all year round. The ageing UVA rays are at their strongest in the summer but they are there causing your skin to age all year round. So get into the habit of applying sunscreen daily, summer and winter
  • Use sunscreen even if you are in the car. UV rays can penetrate glass, so don’t assume because you are behind glass you don’t need sunscreen. Get into the habit of wearing sunscreen all the time by incorporating it into your daily beauty regime
  • Don’t forget to reapply. Don’t just put sunscreen on in the morning and think you are done for the day. Reapply your sunscreen throughout the day.

Sun protection products we recommend –

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