christmas beauty fixes

AAAghh! It’s that time of year again. And even though we all knew Christmas would come – just as it does every year –  it somehow managed to sneak up on us practically unannounced. And, we’re not ready!

So, OK, we can do a last minute dash around the shops for pressies, no problem. But what about getting ourselves looking our glowing best in time for the parties, family gatherings or the quick kiss under the mistletoe? Is it too late?

No, says our aesthetic medicine expert, Dr Najma Hussain. While many aesthetic treatments need time to work or require a little downtime, a few of our favourites can give you the perfect pre-Christmas quick fix.

If you want to look younger, smoother, lifted and generally just glowing with festive cheer you could try one or more of the following.


An old favourite and still one of the most popular treatments, Botox can erase lines instantly. Perfect for getting rid of frown lines and erasing crow’s feet, Botox leaves you looking smoother, younger and happier. Just what we need at Christmas. Read more about Botox…

Dermal fillers

While Botox erases lines by paralysing the muscles that create them, fillers do exactly what they say and fill them up. Fillers are perfect for getting rid of nose to mouth lines, lines around the lips and cheek lines. Fillers are also used to plump lips, either changing their natural shape or restoring lost plumpness.

In the hands of a skilled doctor, fillers can also be used to volumise and shape the face. By adding volume where needed – for example to sunken cheeks – a more pleasing and younger-looking contour can be created. See more on this technique…

Results from fillers are instant, but there can be a little swelling and bruising, so book your appointment quickly to make sure you are ready for the big day.


For best results you will need a few Dermapen micro-needling sessions- so you are cutting it fine – but even one session will leave skin glowing and rejuvenated. Start now and finish your sessions by New Year. Read more about Dermapen…

Want to look fantastic for Christmas but not sure which is the best treatment for you? No problem, book a free consultation and let us advise you.