Patient story - facelift and laser resurfacing

Margaret Brinkman, 64, had a full facelift and laser resurfacing with Medcare’s surgeon, Dr Esbry.

This is her story…

I felt that I had aged almost overnight. My face seemed to lose fat and everything was drooping. I looked haggard and tired and people kept asking me if I was ill.

As soon as I met Dr Esbry at Medcare I knew I wanted him to do my surgery.

He just chatted and put me at ease. And he showed me lots of pictures on his computer of his previous patients.

He explained the procedure and all the stages so thoroughly that by the time I went to hospital I was completely at ease and not nervous at all.

In fact, I loved every minute of it – from the chap wheeling me to theatre singing, to having a jolly good laugh with Dr Esbry and the anaesthetist in theatre before the surgery.

And I didn’t even feel pain after the surgery. I just woke up starving hungry and tucked into the sandwiches I had bought for my husband. I got told off for that as I wasn’t supposed to be eating, but I just felt so good.

I am really happy with the results. It looks so lovely – rested and natural, and with barely any scarring.

A lady I go to the gym with does fillers and Botox and she was amazed by how good my facelift was. She said it was incredible and that she couldn’t see any scarring.

The results were so good, Dr Esbry was so nice and I enjoyed the whole process so much that I may well go back and get it done all over again in ten years.