Patient story - Dermapen

Busy working mum of four, Katie Pinto, 32, had one Dermapen treatment with Medcare’s Dr Najma Hussain. Within days she was already seeing results. Here she tells her story…

I had read lots about Dracula Therapy and was really interested in that, but when I spoke to Dr Hussain she persuaded me that Dermapen would be a better option for me.

I have always done my best to look after my skin with a cleansing and exfoliating regime, but I had an oily T-zone that nothing improved. When I was younger I always had spots and somehow my skin just never seemed clear and smooth.

After the treatment, my skin felt dry and tight. I had to keep moisturising every 45 minutes to an hour as the doctor had said I would. My face was a little red, too, as though I had sunburn.

But within a couple of days the redness had more or less gone. I had the treatment on the Thursday and by Monday only some tiny marks remained on my forehead.

A week later and my skin feels much smoother and looks clearer and healthier. And I have finally lost the greasiness – my skin feels moisturised but without feeling oily.

I will definitely have more treatments.

What the doctor said –

Katie’s skin was in need of something, I just wasn’t sure where to begin – whether to start her on an exfoliating skin care regime or to resurface, or perhaps a course of microneedling.

Katie’s skin looked congested, oily, and yet dry-looking, and in need of a deep exfoliation.

Results were far more impressive than I had imagined possible. When I saw her after the weekend her skin looked more vital and less sallow. She had lost the oily appearance to her t-zone, and her skin looked less congested and dull.

The potential for Katie’s skin improvement is significant if first results are anything to go by.

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