Patient story - breast reduction

After years of pain and discomfort, Jayne Ashton had breast reduction surgery with Medcare’s Dr Esbry 

This is her story…

I was a size 40H and because of the weight of my breasts I had been having trouble with my back for years.

The pain started when I was in my mid-20s. I am now 47 and had really had enough.

The weight pressing on my spine was giving me sciatica, I had shooting pains down my legs, my fingers and feet were tingling and I was losing my grip. My neck was also affected and it was becoming unbearable.

I was depressed and frustrated because of the pain. And the thought that it could only go on getting worse was leaving me feeling desperate.

I tried to get a breast reduction on the NHS because of all the health problems I was suffering, but was getting nowhere.

My mum knew I could not go on as I was so she started looking around for a private surgeon for me. She heard about Medcare through a friend and so I came to see Dr Esbry.

He was really good and I felt confident with him immediately. He explained everything. And he didn’t just tell me the good stuff, he also spelled out all the risks and worst case scenario.

I had the surgery in Alicante ten days ago and I feel so different. My back is already feeling better and the constant ache between my shoulder blades has gone.

The procedure really wasn’t that painful. When I came round from the anaesthetic the pain was no worse than before the milk comes in after having a baby.

I am also very happy about the scarring. I was expecting a big scar but you can only see a pencil line. I think when it is healed it will only look like a stretch mark.

I am really happy with my new shape and looking forward to doing all sorts of things I couldn’t do before.