Patient stories - hypnosis

How hypnosis helped

Stop smoking
I started smoking when I was 14 and was soon addicted. I smoked up to 30 cigarettes a day for the next 38 years. I began to have health problems; coughing, wheezing, bad chest and shortness of breath. I was in denial and told myself I would be fine. But as the health problems persisted I knew I had to give up. I tried cold turkey and patches without success, then someone recommended hypnotherapy. I was sceptical but desperate so decided to give it a go. It was nothing like I expected. I just felt very relaxed and calm. I can’t explain it, but afterwards I just did not want to smoke. That was in June 2012 and I have not smoked since. – John Taylor

Since having hypnotherapy sessions I have totally changed my attitude towards myself and others. I have gained confidence and am achieving things in my life I could only dream of previously – Paul Wales

Weight loss
I had been overweight all my adult life. I tried every slimming class going, meal replacement shakes and soups, boot camp, gym, the cabbage soup diet. Some methods did work but as soon as the weight came off, I would slip back into my old eating habits and the weight would pile back on. Out of sheer desperation I tried hypnotherapy. I had four sessions  and had no idea what magic it would work on my life. With a different attitude and perspective what had seemed impossible was actually very natural and easy. The weight came off slowly and steadily and it has stayed off – for three years now. – Sarah Hughes

Fear of flying
I had a horrific fear of flying. I had to have Valium before a flight and be physically manhandled onto the plane. I would spend the whole flight gripping the arms of the seat and staring ahead, unable to talk to anyone.  It was getting to the point where we could no longer go abroad for family holidays. Then I heard about hypnotherapy. My husband booked a family holiday to Prague and two days before the flight I had a hypnotherapy session. On the day of the flight I felt slightly anxious but as we reached the airport a feeling of total calm came over me. I relaxed and actually enjoyed the flight. I have flown several times since and we are now planning a holiday to Florida, a ten hour flight. – Tracy Shawcross