Wound care

Essential wound care

Proper care, cleaning and dressing is essential for the healing of any wound and to prevent infection.

The array of wound care and dressing requirements is extensive and can range from the dressing of a child’s cut or gashed leg to post surgical dressing changes.

Other examples may be;

  • Post medical surgery care, cleaning and dressing changes
  • Post cosmetic surgery care, assessment of scar, cleaning and dressing changes
  • Care of ulcers, leg or elsewhere
  • Cleaning and re-dressing child fall injuries
  • Removal of stitches or sutures post surgery or minor surgery
  • Holiday referral would care (for someone who fell in the UK, for example, and comes on holiday to Spain, they might need continuity of care).
  • Abscess care, post surgical removal

So whether you need dressings changed, wounds cleaned or sutures removed after surgery or injury, our medical team is here to help.

Nursing services

Susan McCrossan, the Practice Nurse is capably in charge of wound care. You can read more about Susie and the full range of Nursing Services here.

To make an appointment call 966 860 258 or email doctors@medcarespain.com