Smile makeoverSmile with confidence

A beautiful smile is believed to enhance career and social success and make you look years younger. Yet half of adults are thought to be unhappy with their smile. Don’t be one of them, improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry at Medcare. Here’s how –

Teeth whitening

Nothing is more lovely than a bright, white smile. So if you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth, let us help. We offer two teeth whitening options, in-clinic and home whitening. Read more about our teeth whitening procedures.

Veneers and crowns

Porcelain veneers can dramatically improve your smile. Like false nails for teeth, veneers fit over your natural teeth improving look and colour. Read more about veneers.
Crowns work much like veneers, also fitting over the natural tooth. Crowns are thicker than veneers and are used when more of the tooth has been lost to decay or damage. Read more about crowns.


A gap can ruin your smile and one of the most popular ways to fill a gap is with a bridge. A bridge is a replacement tooth or teeth, usually ceramic, that is fixed – like a bridge – between natural teeth or implants. Read more about bridges.


For those seeking permanent tooth replacement, implants provide the perfect solution. Dental implants are false teeth, usually ceramic, which fit onto a screw-like fixture that is surgically implanted in the bone of the jaw. Read more about implants.


For some people dentures are still the best option. A well-made, properly fitted set of dentures can give you back a natural-looking smile and feel comfortable in the mouth. Read more about dentures.