Because you are what you eat…

Headaches, tiredness, bloating, eczema, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, depression – all these conditions, and many more, can be caused by deficiencies in your diet, or simply by eating foods that don’t agree with you.

A good, balanced diet is essential for your health, but knowing exactly what your body needs and what it is lacking is not always easy. We can help you to understand your dietary needs and make adjustments to improve your health and well-being.

Weight loss

We know that losing weight is not always easy, and that many people struggle to shed the pounds. Also we know how important it is for your health that your weight loss plan is successful. To help make it all easier, Medcare offer diet plans, dietary advice and a sympathetic ear.


Patients with diabetes need to carefully control their diet. We will help you to understand your special dietary needs so that you are better able to manage your diabetes.

For more information about diabetes read our main page, and it includes useful tips on what to eat and avoid if you are diabetic.

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