Lymphatic drainage

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is an extensive system of vessels, spaces and nodes, which circulates a substance known as lymph. Lymph helps to remove waste, excess fluid, dead blood cells, toxins and pathogens from the body. It also works with the body’s circulatory system to deliver nutrients, oxygen and hormones to the cells.

What is lymphatic drainage therapy?

Lymphatic drainage therapy is a gentle therapeutic massage that stimulates the body’s lymphatic system with the aim of eliminating toxins from the body. As the lymphatic system is a vital part of the body’s immune system, stimulating the lymphatic system through massage can have enormous health benefits.

What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage?

Because the lymphatic system plays such an important role in keeping the body’s immune system working, a sluggish or blocked lymphatic system can cause many health problems, such as constant tiredness or persistent colds. Lymphatic drainage removes blockages and stimulates the lymphatic system, allowing the immune system to function more efficiently.

Lymphatic drainage can –
– help your body fight off colds, viruses and infections
– help reduce water retention
– aid weight loss by improving your metabolic rate
– improve skin texture by removing toxins
– increase energy levels
– reduce the appearance of cellulite
– give an overall sense of well-being

Lymphatic drainage is especially good for people who seem to suffer constantly from common illnesses, such as colds and flu, and for people who suffer low energy levels.

Why does the lymphatic system need help?

Modern living means our bodies are subjected to greater levels of toxins. Pollution, stress, eating a high sugar diet and drinking alcohol, tea and coffee all add to the levels of toxins in our bodies that the lymphatic system has to deal with. It’s not surprising it sometimes needs help. The gentle manual stimulation of lymphatic drainage massage encourages the lymph to move and drain more efficiently.