flu vaccinationsMedcare offers flu vaccinations to anybody wishing to protect themselves from the winter flu virus.

For certain groups of people it is more important to have the flu jab. In older people or people with immune systems weakened by other medical conditions the virus can be extremely serious or even fatal. UK health guidelines state that everyone over 65 should have the flu jab, as should people with a serious medical condition – and this is sensible advice.

However old you are, talk to our GP about a flu jab if you have

– a serious heart complaint, any chest complaint or breathing difficulties
– serious kidney disease
– diabetes
– lowered immunity through disease or treatments such as steroids or cancer medication
– a problem with your spleen or have had your spleen removed
– ever had a stroke

Younger, healthy people often choose to have the jab in order to avoid an unpleasant illness and to stay healthy for work and life commitments.

When is the best time to get flu vaccinations?

Winter flu jabs are best administered September to early November but can be given any time throughout the winter. If you have not had a jab, talk to us about the advantages of getting it.