Dracula Therapy 2Use your own blood to improve skin texture and look younger

What is PRP therapy?

PRP, also known as Dracula therapy or vampire facelift, is an anti-ageing skin rejuvenation treatment that uses the healing properties in the patient’s own blood.

What does it do?

This treatment is fantastic for boosting collagen and restoring a more youthful look to the skin.

How does it work?

PRP works by harnessing the healing properties of platelet growth factors in the blood, effectively using the patient’s own blood to boost the creation of new collagen.

During PRP therapy a small amount of blood is taken from the arm and spun to separate it into red cells, white cells and platelets. The red and white cells are discarded and the platelets injected into the face, neck and décolletage.

The platelets help rebuild and repair damaged and aged skin cells quickly and stimulate collagen, the protein that gives skin youthful firmness and strength.

Is PRP new?

No, sports doctors have been using it for many years, having found that injecting platelet-rich plasma directly into injured muscle or joints accelerates recovery.

Find out more

Dr Daniel Sister was the first to introduce the treatment into the UK, and has now perfected his own unique system, called Dracula Therapy. Medcare’s Dr Hussain was trained directly by Dr Sister in this treatment. You can read more about Dr Sister here.

Book a free consultation to find out if PRP is right for you, or whether one of our other treatments – Sculptra, facial fillers, Botox, laser skin resurfacing or Dermapen or Dermaroller – would give you the results you desire. Call 966 860 258 or email doctors@medcarespain.com

Just want to say thank you to the doctor who treated me with Dracula Therapy….Very professional and took time to understand my needs.  Treatment well executed… would highly recommend – Guilietta Pecchia




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