do I need dental examinations?

Having regular dental examinations allows your dentist to spot any problems you may have early and to provide treatment before the problem gets worse. If you don’t go for regular dental check-ups the first sign you have a problem could well be pain. And, once it gets to this stage, more extensive treatment is likely to be required than if the problem was spotted early. This will not only be worse for the tooth, but will almost certainly be more expensive as well.

What happens during a dental examination?

Your dentist will

–          Ask about any general health problems that may affect your teeth or gums

–          Talk to you about diet and lifestyle choices that may affect your teeth and gums

–          Check for any swelling around the jaw or neck

–          Check the joints of your jaw

–          Check your gum health

–          Examine each tooth, charting any previous work and noting any new work that is required

–          Advise on any oral health issues

–          Take x-rays if necessary

How often should I have a dental examination?

This varies from person to person. Some people will require a dental examination every three months, others may go a year between appointments, depending on the health of their teeth and gums. The dentist will advise you when your next appointment should be.

Many people combine dental examinations with a scale and polish.