osteopath treatment for painConstant pain is miserable and debilitating, as one of our patients, Nicola*, knows only too well.

Left with crippling back spasms after a car accident, she was told by a UK specialist that there was nothing that could be done.

Years of pain followed and Nicola’s movements became more and more constricted. Eventually the pain spread to her legs and she couldn’t walk without a stick.

“I was just left trying to live with the pain,” she told us. “I tried all sorts of treatments, but nothing helped.

“By the time I came to Medcare I was really depressed by the constant pain and didn’t hold out much hope. So I was amazed when my pain got better after just one session with Marcus, the osteopath.”

After two follow up treatments, Nicola was even better. She is now able to go walking in the mountains with her dogs and work in her garden – which she thought she would never do.

To Nicola it seemed like a miracle, but a good osteopath gets stories like this all the time.

Countless patients have often undergone all sorts of treatments with no success before turning to osteopathy. And osteopathy can often succeed where all else has failed because unlike many other treatments it does not just concentrate on the site of the pain.

An osteopath looks at the whole body and tries to ascertain the cause of the pain – which may be well away from the pain’s location.

For example, lower back pain may be caused by a hip being out of alignment, or a knee or even an ankle problem.

Looking at the whole body, the osteopath then uses a variety of manipulative, massage, exercise and stretching techniques to help alleviate muscular-skeletal pain.

It is probably best known as a treatment for lower back pain, but osteopathy can be effectively used to treat pain throughout the body.

Osteopathy is recognised as an effective treatment by the NHS, and our own GP, Dr Hussain, recommends the treatment.

Over the years Dr Hussain has seen hundreds of patients with back and other pain and has found that the best treatment she can offer is a referral to a good osteopath. Other therapies may offer temporary relief but osteopathy is more likely to give long-term results.

Osteopathy is commonly used for

  • back pain
  • frozen shoulder
  • Sciatica
  • neck pain
  • whiplash
  • arthritis
  • RSI
  • golf or tennis elbow
  • trapped nerves
  • headaches and migraine

We offer free body alignment checks with our osteopath, during which your posture and alignment is checked to see where the cause of any pain you have is originating and to help you prevent problems in the future.

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*Name changed to protect patient’s privacy