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Botox and fillers are fantastic treatments for eliminating lines and wrinkles, and giving faces softer-contoured looks. But some people prefer more natural beauty treatments.

So, is there anything that works as well as Botox and fillers while offering a more natural process for the skin?

Actually, yes, as in many of the latest skin rejuvenation treatments we are seeing science very much working with nature.

PRP, Sculptra, Dermapen and Exilis Elite radiofrequency are our top treatment picks in the ‘nothing artificial added’ treatment category.


Sculptra is an injectable treatment, like fillers. The difference is that whereas with fillers, the substance itself plumps the skin, filling lines and improving contours, with Sculptra the liquid only remains in your skin for a very short time – and then your skin starts doing the rejuvenation work itself.

The active ingredient in Sculptra stimulates the fibroblast cells that produce collagen – the main structural component of the skin. Over time, after a course of treatments, skin becomes plumper, less lined and younger-looking as more natural collagen is produced.

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PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

You may have heard this treatment referred to as Dracula Therapy or Vampire facelift, but its technical name is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.

This clever treatment really harnesses your body’s own healing properties by taking the best part of your blood, platelets, and injecting all the healing goodness back into your skin.

The platelets help rebuild and repair aged skin cells and stimulate collagen.

PRP has a serious medical pedigree. It was originally developed by sports doctors, who found the technique helped injuries heal faster, and is now used in mainstream medicine to aid the healing of injuries.

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Dermapen microneedling

Microneedling takes advantage of the fact that when the body senses damage it sends out healing properties to repair itself.

With microneedling we create injuries in the form of hundreds of tiny needle pricks. As the body’s repair mechanism springs into action, fibroblast cells are activated and new collagen stimulated to aid the repair process.

Microneedling softens lines and wrinkles, stimulates collagen (the main building block of skin) and minimises pores. It smooths acne and other scars, and is perfect for treating pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

We prefer Dermapen microneedling.

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Exilis Elite Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency has become the new buzzword in non-surgical face lifting and it is easy to see why. With this treatment, not only is nothing unnatural added, but not even so much as a tiny pin prick punctures the skin.

Radiofrequency energy is applied to the face, heating to exactly the right temperature and depth. It has a tightening, and therefore lifting, effect on the skin. It is great for treating jowls, turkey necks, and generally smoothing and ‘lifting’ the face.

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