Choosing the best foundation has always been tricky. It’s not just getting the shade right, but the consistency and degree of coverage, too. Then, it seems, just as we’ve discovered our foundation soulmate, the manufacturer changes the colour, the formula or even discontinues your dream product completely.

Now, to make things even harder, you are being asked to consider whether mineral make-up would be a better choice for you.

So, why should you consider setting aside your latest, greatest foundation find to try a mineral product instead? Is it really better for your skin?

glo 3Well, the simple answer is, yes. Mineral make-up doesn’t contain the potentially harmful chemicals found in non-mineral foundations; its ingredients are natural and, while not a treatment, it can help many skin conditions.

Mineral foundations do not contain perfumes, alcohol, dyes, oils, talc or preservatives, making them hypoallergenic and much kinder to skin. And, they don’t clog pores like traditional foundations, meaning you are less likely to get blackheads or spots.

They can be particularly good for people with sensitive skin and are a must if you are prone to acne or outbreaks.

Their main ingredients, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, are both natural sunscreens, so mineral foundations will give you some protection from harmful and ageing UV rays. However, a sunscreen should also be used.

We always recommend our skin rejuvenation patients opt for mineral make-ups as they are so much kinder on the skin. They can even be worn immediately after many restorative treatments, when we would otherwise warn patients against wearing make-up – that’s how gentle they are.

For many people, the main issue with mineral make-up is that it does not give enough coverage. However, formulations have improved greatly since mineral make-ups first became ultra-popular a few years back. You can now choose between powder and liquid mineral foundations, and while the coverage may not be as total as the heaviest of traditional foundations, there is a mineral foundation to suit most skins.

glo 4We have found that because the skin improves – blackheads, in particular clear up – people are often happier with lighter coverage.

At Medcare we love Glo mineral make-up, and recommend this to all our patients. The range offers both powder and liquid foundations, as well as concealers, eye shadows and more.

Glo can be bought from our clinics or from our online shop.