Are you going through midriff crisis? Have you tried everything to shift that belly fat and got nowhere?

Really? Be honest. Have you given the dieting a serious go? Have you been doing your crunches? Going all out in the legs, bums and tums class of your local gym?

If you have, and have still got a belly the laughing Buddha would be proud of, then don’t despair, we can help.

If you haven’t, mmm, well none of us are perfect.

We would encourage everyone to eat healthily and exercise. It is essential not just to get into shape but to stay healthy and fit, too, and we all want that.

Diet and exercise doesn’t always work

But sometimes, exercise and dieting are not enough. Stubborn pockets of fat are just that – STUBBORN. So, we need a little something extra to shift them.

We could go under the cosmetic surgeon’s knife and have a tummy tuck; a great and successful solution for many people, but a little too drastic for others. Or, we could have liposuction. Again, still a bit too invasive for some.

An easy, pain-free solution

If you want something a little less, well scary, what is there? Until recently, not a lot. But thanks to the new, award-winning Exilis Elite – it is now possible to shift belly fat – and other stubborn fat pockets – easily and without pain.

Exilis Elite is a radiofrequency device like no other. Using precise settings of temperature and penetration depth, the Exilis Elite quite literally kills fat cells and melts fat. And, then, with a change of setting, it tightens the skin. Wow!

We have just introduced Exilis Elite into our clinics, and are getting amazing results. So, if you want to melt your belly fat – or any other stubborn fat – get in touch with us and we will be happy to offer you a free consultation so that you can find out more.

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