kylie jenner inspiring lip fillers

Lip fillers have been around for years but just lately the treatment has become super-popular.

In the US it is now one of the most sought after aesthetic treatments, with doctors reporting a growth in its popularity since Kylie Jenner had her famous pout created.

A fuller mouth can be extremely flattering, so it is no wonder the procedure is sought after.

But, you do need to choose your doctor carefully; because there is a fine line between natural-looking full lips and a less flattering trout pout.

Dr Hussain, our aesthetics doctor, has been filling lips for years.  She says: “The trick is not to overdo the fillers and to work to enhance the natural shape of the mouth.

“Kylie Jenner’s very full pout would not suit everyone, but is right for her face. The doctor has enhanced what was naturally there rather than trying to change the shape of the mouth.”

Patients coming for lip fillers are often nervous about what the end result will be. Some have had not-so-good experiences in the past, but are much happier with the natural enhancement they get from Dr Hussain.

A recent patient told us: “I’m so happy, with my lip fillers with Dr Hussain, I cannot believe it. She’s excellent. I had this procedure twice before and was not impressed. But this time I felt 100% confident as it was in a medical environment – who better than a doctor to do my injections. The results were amazing – instantly. I can’t wait until next week when the slight bruising has gone down and the filler evens out. I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror – and wow – one happy lady.”

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