lose weight for christmas with exilis elite

Christmas is coming and if you are finding it is not just the geese that are getting fat now is the time to start working on your party-season figure.

But before you groan and try to squeeze into long-forgotten gym clothes while telling yourself lettuce is the new chocolate, there is another way – Exilis Elite radiofrequency.

Of course, a healthy diet and exercise are important, but sometimes we need a little extra help.

That’s where Exilis Elite – the award-winning radiofrequency body contouring device – comes in. Exilis Elite literally melts fat.

Exilis Elite is one of the most effective radiofrequency devices on the market. It is used at top UK and US clinics, but you don’t have to travel to get your Christmas body as we have brought the device to the Costa Blanca.

Our nurse, Susie McCrossan, explains: “We have been using Exilis in our clinics in Benijofar and Alfaz del Pi for some time, with fantastic results. Each treatment involves a two-step procedure; first fat busting and then skin tightening for even better results. It takes a few sessions to get the full effect so if you want to slim for Christmas now is the time to start.”

Susie says Exilis Elite is particularly effective for those stubborn areas of hard to shift fat that diet and exercise will often not touch. “We get excellent results with belly fat, saddle-bag thighs, backsides, bingo wings and bra fat,” she says.

reduce belly fat with exilis

Belly fat has been reduced and skin tightened and smoothed.

reduce waistline with exilis

The waistline has been whittled with Exilis Elite.


Fat has been melted and skin smoothed and tightened.

So, how much fat can you lose with Exilis Elite?

“It’s not a cure for obesity,” says Susie, “but it can make a significant difference and you will lose a good few centimetres, plus get smoother, tighter skin.”

One Medcare patient, Anne, told us she lost 7.5cm from her waist.

“I have always had a problem with belly fat, having had children and a hysterectomy,” says Anne. “Exilis Elite worked brilliantly. I am delighted to lose so much from my waist.”

It may sound like a Christmas miracle but there is solid science behind Exilis Elite. Using highly controlled radiofrequency and ultrasound, the device heats layers of fat below the skin and destroys the fat cell walls, allowing liquid fat to escape. The lymphatic system then gets rid of the liquid fat.

The treatment is non-invasive and pain free. Hand pieces are massaged over the skin and the patient simply feels a warming sensation.


Currently there is 10% off Exilis Elite and all other aesthetic procedures at our clinics. Use for Botox, fillers, Dermapen, Sculptra, PRP and a range of other top treatments. Plus, we are giving free Glo skincare goody bags with treatments and there is a three-for-two offer on Glo purchases.

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