Hypnotherapy factsWhat is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that uses communication with the subconscious mind to change negative patterns of behaviour. The hypnotherapist will create a deep state of relaxation during which irrational fears, phobias, negative thoughts and suppressed emotions can be addressed and overcome.

How can hypnotherapy help you?

If you have problems, issues, bad habits, fears or negative behaviours and thoughts that are having a damaging impact on your health, personal well-being or happiness then hypnotherapy could provide the solution.

Stop smoking

Become a healthy non-smoker in less than two hours. Really, it could be that quick kicking a habit you may have been trying to quit for years. It will be easier than you ever imagined. Simply sit back, relax and let our hypnotherapist turn you into a healthy non-smoker.

Lose weight

Be the slimmer, healthier, more energetic and confident person you have always wanted to be with the help of weight loss hypnotherapy. Weight loss hypnotherapy helps you let go of all the bad habits and false beliefs that have stopped you losing weight in the past. And, it helps you to develop new healthy habits.  After weight loss hypnotherapy you will find it easy to eat the right foods and live a lifestyle that will help you to shed the pounds.

Fears and phobias

You were not born with any fears or phobias, so whatever frightens you it is something that has been programmed into your mind. So it can be easily removed by re-programming with hypnotherapy. It doesn’t matter if you know what has caused your fear or phobia or not, hypnotherapy can uncover the root cause and help you let your fears go.

Anxiety and stress

Everyone experiences stress, anxiety and worry at times. These feelings are perfectly normal reactions to the daily pressures of life. However, for some people these feelings become magnified and begin to have a negative effect on how they live. Hypnotherapy is a relaxing process than can help you to overcome feelings of stress, worry, anxiety and feelings of panic.

Hypnotherapy can also help with –

Addictions, such as alcohol, drugs and gambling. Self-confidence or low self-esteem. Exam or driving test nerves. Bad habits, such as nail biting. And many more conditions.

Meet our hypnotherapist

Angela Haram is a qualified hypnotherapist and life coach. Angela became interested in life

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