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It’s a moment that happens to most women at some point. It could occur in the privacy of your own bathroom, or it may be a more public revelation under the harsh strip lights of a Primark changing cubicle.

Yes, it is when you first notice you have bingo wings!

There’s no denying it. Right there in the mirror are the beginnings of the hanging flaps of flesh you once only associated with your gran. And – horror of horrors – as you prod your sagging arms you discover cellulite. Who even knew that was possible!

So, what happens next? Maybe you hit the gym and change your diet. You work hard and even lose a fair amount of weight. But still, those stubborn, flabby bingo wings refuse to shift.

Our aesthetics doctor, Najma Hussain, explains why: “Sagging skin in this area occurs when the soft tissue of the arm becomes lax and skin loses elasticity. Resistance or weight training may make a marginal difference as muscles tone, but exercise will not tighten skin or soft tissue.”

Dr Hussain recommends either surgery or radiofrequency for bingo wings, depending on the severity.

Arm lift surgery

For the most severe cases, arm lift surgery will give the best results. The surgeon will make an incision to the inner arm and any excess fat will be removed. Muscles and skin are tightened and stitched firmly into place.

Liposuction may be performed along with arm lift surgery if there is a large amount of fat.

One Medcare patient delighted with the results of arm lift surgery was Claire, who visited Medcare after weight loss left her with bingo wings.

Claire told us: “Even though I was going to the gym regularly, the loose, flabby flesh was not going away. I am absolutely thrilled with the results; my arms now match the rest of my new, slimmer and toned body.”


For less severe cases, radiofrequency may be enough. Medcare recommends the award-winning Exilis Elite radiofrequency device.

During this completely non-invasive procedure, a hand piece is passed over the arm, delivering thermal energy to exactly the right depth to ‘melt’ fat cells.

The combination of ultrasound and radiofrequency also has a tightening effect on the skin; smoothing, lifting and reducing cellulite.

Beauty magazine director Corryne L Corbett tried Exilis Elite on her bingo wings. Initially sceptical, she was delighted with the results. “After five sessions, I definitely saw a result: 2.5 inches lost on each arm and a tighter appearance,” she says.

To find out more about arm lift surgery or Exilis Elite, call us on 966 860 258 to book a free consultation.

Watch this video to see how Exilis Elite works on bingo wings.