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From Bromance to Brotox – why men are falling in love with aesthetic treatments and surgery

Looking good is not just for the ladies and we are seeing more and more men coming into our clinics looking to rejuvenate skin, diminish wrinkles, erase frown lines and generally look younger and better.

So, what’s changed and why are men now caring more about their appearance than ever before?

“It’s all about confidence,” says our chief aesthetics doctor, Najma Hussain. “Men are realising it is OK for them to want to look younger and better, just like the women.”

New treatments and more advanced techniques are also bringing more and more men to our clinics.

So what are the top treatments for men?



Botox is proving just as popular with men as with women. It is great for erasing frown lines and crow’s feet. Perfect for giving men a rejuvenated look.


Another big favourite with men and women – fillers plump and smooth, leaving the face younger and softer-looking, with lines minimised.


A fabulous treatment for both face and body – radiofrequency can be used to melt fat or tighten skin. On male faces it is great for sagging jawlines and reducing fat around the skin and neck area. On the body, it can target and melt spot fat in all sorts of problem areas. We use Exilis Elite, an award-winning radiofrequency device.


Eye lifts

Popular with both men and women, eye surgery can remove bags and lift drooping eyes – giving a younger and refreshed look. Sometimes brow-lift surgery may be performed at the same time.

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One of the most popular procedures for both men and women, facelift surgery rejuvenates the whole look of the face, and can leave patients looking years younger. Surgical techniques now mean that procedures are more effective and recovery times better than in the past. Some facelifts can even be performed as day procedures under local anaesthetic.

Chin implants

A strong chin and jaw line is seen as desirable in men. Receding chins can be easily and successfully corrected with chin implants.


The shape of the nose makes a big difference to the overall look of the face. Sometimes even a slight correction is all it takes to improve the profile and give a better appearance.

Male breast removal 

Man boobs, or gynaecomastia, can be caused by a hormone imbalance or from carrying excess weight. Increased levels of oestrogen cause breast tissue to grow.

Surgery to reduce man boobs is a much more common procedure than many people imagine. It is relatively simple to remove breast tissue and tighten skin surgically. Sagging skin in the chest area that may remain after dramatic weight loss can also be corrected by surgery.

no more man boobs

Hair transplants

Some men look great without hair, but it doesn’t suit everyone. Individual hairs can be implanted, restoring a good head of hair. An alternative treatment that is showing good results, and can be cheaper, is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP). This technique uses platelets in the patient’s own blood to rejuvenate hair growth.

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