fruit-juiceFruit juices are packed full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, and are a healthy alternative to fizzy, sugary drinks, right?

Well, not quite. While natural fruit juices are certainly a better option than artificial, sugar and chemical-laden drinks, many people are completely unaware of the hidden sugars in these juices.

Even juices with no added sugars are still laden with natural sugars from the fruit itself, and too many can be bad news for your general health and your teeth.

Earlier this year Public Health England (PHE) produced the Eatwell Guide, which highlighted the dangers that hidden sugars in juices and fruit smoothies pose to our oral health.

Recommendations in the guide advise limiting the consumption of drinks such as fruit juices and smoothies to 150mls per day.

Medcare dentist, Timothy Holt, welcomed the guidelines. He said: “Many people are not aware of the high levels of sugar in drinks that are perceived to be healthy options, and have no idea of the dangers they pose to oral health.

“Sugar reacts with bacteria in the mouth, forming acid that attacks the tooth surface. Too much sugar, even from ‘healthy’ sources, will lead to tooth decay, which means fillings or even tooth loss.”

The Eatwell Guide recommends water, milk, tea and coffee as safe and effective ways to stay hydrated while reducing the risk to health.

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