skin cancer free mole checkDon’t ignore skin change

Never ignore a strange mark, lesion or change to a mole on your skin. It could be cancer and early diagnosis is your best chance of getting rid of it before it spreads.

Most skin cancer is caused by sun damage, so sun protection is vital. But, even if you are super-careful now, past tanning sessions (whether in the sun or on a sunbed) may have set the wheels in motion for skin cancer to develop much later in life.

At Medare, we don’t want anyone’s life to be devastated by skin cancer, so we offer completely free skin cancer checks. Our doctor will thoroughly examine any suspicious-looking marks, and, as some of our patients have already found, this could be lifesaving. Read Medcare patient Michael Chase’s story here



One free appointment only per person. If you require a second check at a later date there will be a charge.