BTL_ExilisThe future of beauty has arrived

If someone said there was a machine out there that could melt fat, contour bodies, tighten loose skin, lift faces and diminish wrinkles, how would you respond?

You’d probably be scanning the sky for those flying pigs, right! But amazingly this machine does actually exist and it’s the answer to so many beauty problems that it’s almost easier to tell you what it doesn’t do.

The award-winning Exilis Elite is a radiofrequency device that is taking the medical aesthetics world by storm. It works with controlled energy, delivered to varying depths to perform different functions.

For inch loss and body contouring, it simply can’t be beaten. This non-invasive, no-downtime treatment can shrink fat cells in just about any part of the body, including thighs, underarms, belly and backsides. It is also popular for dealing with bra fat, man boobs and even works on knees. Great for areas dieting and exercise won’t shift.

Our medical aesthetics expert, Dr Najma Hussain, explains: “You cannot spot reduce with dieting, you will lose weight globally but are likely to be left with stubborn hard to shift fat. The Exilis can shrink and shape these areas, and also tighten the skin. There really is no other device that can do all this.

“About half of patients will lose one to two inches after the first treatment, and with a course of four it is possible to lose up to four inches in problem areas.”

The treatment itself couldn’t be simpler. During the process a temperature-monitoring hand piece is passed over the skin for 10 to 15 minutes. The patient feels nothing more than a warm sensation.

So, that’s the fat loss, contouring and body skin tightening, which alone would be impressive, but there’s more…

Exilis is fast becoming the go-to machine for non-surgical face lifting.

A change of setting and Exilis does amazing things to the face and neck. It tightens and improves the look of the skin, lifts the face and reduces lines and wrinkles.

Dr Hussain says: “Exilis is a popular treatment for tightening the jaw, neck and around the mouth. It even tightens skin around the eyes and eyelids, making eyes look less droopy and more open.”

All sound too good to be true. Well, top aesthetics doctors and dermatologists are simply raving about this machine. Find out for yourself what it can do with a free, no obligation consultation with one of Medcare’s aesthetics experts.

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