christmas-teethThere is nothing worse than having toothache when your dental clinic is shut.

And as we don’t want toothache ruining your Christmas, we suggest you think about booking a pre-Christmas dental check.

If you have even the slightest niggling pain, this is even more important. The pain may not be much and you may think you can wait, but it could suddenly escalate – and you really don’t want that at Christmas.

We are open up until December 23. The following week we only open on Wednesday 28. We are also closed on January 2 and 6.

Tips for protecting your teeth this Christmas

Eat, drink and look after you teeth

Who doesn’t overindulge at Christmas? And there is nothing wrong with being a bit naughty with the chocolates and Christmas pud. But, spare a thought for your teeth. You will be out of your normal routine, but try not to get out of your normal brushing routine. Teeth need just as much care, if not more, at this time of year. Be careful when you brush your teeth, too. Don’t go scrubbing away just after eating as acids in the food can weaken tooth enamel and if you then clean vigorously, you could brush away softened enamel. Drink some water to rinse your mouth and wait a while before brushing.

It’s nuts to be a nutcracker

It is great to be crackers about nuts at Christmas, just don’t use your teeth. Leave the nutcrackers out with the nuts as it can be too tempting to use teeth to release a tasty treat rather than getting off the sofa to find the crackers.

Scissors are for cutting, teeth are for eating

Teeth have no part to play either in the wrapping or unwrapping of presents. They should not be used for tearing through Sellotape, ribbons or any other tough binding. Use a pair of scissors.

Be merry and bright

If you are enjoying a glass of wine or two at Christmas, spare a thought for your teeth. Wine is acidic and can damage tooth enamel. So, drink water as well as wine to keep your mouth rinsed. Leave a little time after drinking wine before brushing your teeth.


Dazzle with a gleaming smile 

Give those shiny Christmas decorations a run for their money with a super-bright smile this Christmas. Teeth whitening can transform your smile, so if you want to really dazzle this holiday season, talk to us about teeth whitening.