acne treatmentsAcne is the most common skin disease suffered by teenagers, but it is not just adolescents who fall prey. Around 20% of adults between 25 and 44 also get acne.

The condition itself can be very distressing, but even after it has cleared up many people are left with a legacy of acne scars.

Until recently there was little that could be done about acne scars, but with advances in aesthetic treatments, we now have a number of options for treating acne scarring.

One of our favourite treatments is Dermapen microneedling.

Dermapen works by stimulating the skin’s natural repair mechanism. A ‘pen’ with tiny needles is used to puncture the skin where the scars have formed. The body responds by rushing to heal the wounds.

This means that new collagen, elastin and capillaries are formed, resulting in a flatter, smoother skin surface with reduced depth of scarring.

After a number of treatment, scars will be greatly reduced or even healed depending on severity.

If you would like to know more about microneedling for acne scars, book a free consultation and we will assess how the treatment could help you.

Watch the videos below to see what a difference microneedling can make to acne scars and to see what is involved  in treatment.