Dental Implants

Getting dental implants can seem a bit scary, especially if you are nervous and not too keen on the dentist (like most of us). But, we always find that when our patients go through the process it is nowhere near as bad as they were expecting. But don’t take our word for it, implant patient Andy tells it like it is in his own words …

Hi, my name is Andy. I am 50. By my own admission I really do not like visiting the dentist, however I really needed to go as I required a certificate for my job.

This brought me in contact with Tim and the team at Medcare in Benijofar.

I already had a top denture that was ill-fitting to say the least (I had this for about eight years).

Tim suggested that I look at the option of having a top dental implant fitted. Based on my fear, I said that I would think it over.

After several appointments and discussions with Tim and the team, where all the processes were fully explained to me and I met the implant specialist, I decided to go ahead.

Based on the fact that I work away, Tim came up with a plan that would fit the appointments in with my travel. He did advise that due to the processes and the healing time that in my case this would take quite a bit longer than normal (to fit in with my schedule).

So we began. Firstly, I must say that my biggest fear is the pain factor. I explained this to Tim and his response with the pain management was fantastic.

Tim was at all the appointments, even when it was Daniel (implant specialist) who was doing the work. Tim always took the time at the beginning and end of each appointment to explain things. He would tell me what the plan for that appointment was and what the plan for the next appointment was going to be.

The full process took about eight months; it took longer because of my work schedule.

The basic procedure involved removing the remaining top teeth that were still in position (although these were not healthy), wait for the healing process, then start the fitting, measuring and planning for the full treatment.

Would I recommend this to others YES – but in my case only at Medcare (and under Tim’s supervision).

For more information on dental implants, read our implant treatment page

And, don’t forget, you can book a free appointment with Tim or our other dentist, Rocio, to discuss dental implants and find out if the procedure is right for you.