markus with medcare dental team

Making the decision to have dental implants is not always easy. There are inevitably fears about the treatment, concerns about pain, worries as to whether it will work and if the dental surgeon is any good.

So, imagine how these fears would be escalated if you are not having just one implant, but a whole mouthful.

That was what Medcare dental patient Markus (pictured above with implant surgeon Daniel and dental nurses Tracey and Lisa) was facing when he first walked into our Benijofar dental clinic.

But now, with his treatment complete, Markus can look back on the whole experience and know that not only was having implants the right choice for him, but also that he chose the best dental clinic for the treatment.

It is not every day you have all your teeth out

Markus told us: “Of course I was concerned to begin with; such a treatment is not an everyday occurrence. But after the professionally performed extractions my concerns diminished completely.

“Daniel (the implant surgeon) and the whole team were always calm and level-headed. This calmness transferred to me and therefore I always felt in good hands.”

Another perfectly natural worry for people undergoing dental implant surgery is pain. And for Markus, having all his teeth extracted and replaced by implants, this was an even bigger concern.

It was practically pain free

But he told us: “The whole treatment was practically pain free, without complications, and even pleasant – considering the circumstances. My fears of possible pain were unnecessary.”

It was only after the whole procedure had finished, though, that Markus fully appreciated the benefits.

“From the first moment after completion of the reconstruction and treatment I started realising what I had missed for many years. An enormously increased quality of life is the result of this treatment. I can smile uninhibitedly again and can eat better from day to day.”

Markus recommends dental implants with Daniel

With no regrets, and results he is delighted with, Markus fully recommends dental implant surgery to anyone considering the procedure.

And he says that, of course, he would not hesitate to recommend Daniel and the rest of our team.

“Daniel is very competent, performed excellent treatment and is meticulously exact. The other dentistry staff are very friendly, helpful and explain the procedures clearly and comprehensible to the patient,” he says.

If you are still not sure if an implant is the correct procedure for you, Daniel offers free consultations so that you can find out more.

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