christmas-blues-psychotherapy at Medcare‘Tis the season to be jolly – but what if you are not?

For many people Christmas is a lonely, sad and stressful time.

If things are not going well in your life, or if you suffer from depression, anxiety, stress or any kind of mental illness, the pressure to be happy at this time of year can actually make you feel a whole lot worse.

It can be especially hard if you are recently bereaved or if Christmas is the anniversary of the loss of someone close.

Even if you really have nothing much to worry about Christmas can be incredibly stressful. There is the pressure to make everything right, to get on with family members, and the financial burden.

So, it is not surprising that many people need help at Christmas. Sometimes just opening up to a friend or neighbour can be enough to lift your spirits. If not, then talking to your doctor or a professional therapist can be a good idea.

We have an experienced and sympathetic psychotherapist at Medcare. If you need someone to talk to this Christmas, call us on 966 860 258 to book an appointment.

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