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Every day in the UK nine women are diagnosed with cervical cancer – and three will lose their lives to the disease.

Yet, cervical cancer is easy to prevent with regular smear tests. Smear tests can identify changes to cells, indicating cancer may be present. And with early diagnosis, cervical cancer can be effectively treated.

Even better, smear tests can identify cell changes at a pre-cancerous stage – meaning that the disease can be stopped from developing at all.

In simple terms – cervical screening saves lives.

Unfortunately, too many women still don’t come forward for cervical screening. By not attending you are risking your life.

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Special offer on cervical smear tests

This is why we are offering  a special price on cervical screening tests for the whole of June to coincide with UK charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust’s Cervical Cancer Awareness Week (June 12-18).

Throughout June 2017, cervical smears can be booked at our clinics for just €55.

The smear tests will be performed by our female doctor or nurse.

Watch this video guide to cervical cancer screening. If you are not part of a public health service screening programme, or if you prefer to see our female doctor or nurse, contact us to book your special offer screening test…

What does it mean if you have an abnormal smear test? Watch the video to find out…


Book your special offer smear test

Don’t be the one in four who risks your life by not having a cervical smear test. Call us on 966 860 258 or fill in the form on the right and we will get back to you.

Terms & conditions

Offer valid until the end of June 2017
Appointments only available during specific times
Credit card charges will apply