CANCER SURVIVORNational Cancer Survivors’ Day on June 05, an event started in the US, is now celebrated all around the world. This year, we are doing our bit by offering special price cancer screening.

Cancer Survivors’ Day is all about celebrating life and giving hope, inspiration and support to all those people living with cancer and their loved ones.


The day aims to show that there is life beyond a diagnosis of cancer and that many people can and do beat the disease, or at least find a way to cope with their diagnosis.

As the best way to beat cancer is to start with an early diagnosis, to mark Cancer Survivors’ Day we have special offers on screening for some of the most common forms of cancer.

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Book these special offers now

Cancer-Is-A-Word-Not-A-Sentence.-338x500Skin cancer – FREE skin cancer check
Book an appointment to get any moles or suspicious-looking patches of skin checked by our doctor for absolutely no charge. Skin cancer will kill if left untreated, but if you catch it early the prognosis is usually very good.

Bowel cancer – screening for just €39
Someone dies from bowel cancer in the UK every thirty minutes. Spain has an even higher incidence of bowel cancer than the UK. Many of these deaths could be prevented. Bowel cancer is treatable when diagnosed early, but only a tiny number of cases, around nine per cent, are caught in time.

Cervical cancer – smear test only €55
Cervical cancer is usually symptom free until it is in its advanced stages, making cervical smear tests the only way to diagnose the disease early and save lives. Smear tests can even identify pre-cancerous cells so that they can be removed before cancer develops. All women, particularly those between 25 and 65, should be regularly screened for cervical cancer.

bf5a46a7de366946355c5279071af7a2Breast cancer – mammograms €65
Breast cancer accounts for nearly a quarter of female cancer cases worldwide and makes up 32% of cancer cases in the UK. Around one in nine women will suffer from breast cancer at some time in their life. Most breast cancers detected early through mammogram showed no other symptoms. Ninety-six per cent of women who get early diagnosis and treatment will be cancer-free after five years. Without treatment breast cancer is deadly.


Prostate cancer – PSA blood test €39
This test is vital as too many men are losing their lives needlessly due to undiagnosed prostate cancer. In the UK alone nearly 32,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year, and more than 10,000 of them will die from the disease. Early diagnosis gives men the best chance of recovering from prostate cancer and the PSA blood test can give an early indication that the disease could be present. It is something all men over 50 should have as part of their yearly health checks.



These offers are valid until 30.06.2016.

Appointments must be made to take advantage of any of these offers. Due to numbers taking up offers we will arrange special screening clinics and appointments can only be made during times allocated for these clinics.

Please note there will be a €5 charge for any card payments.