dr obagi with zo products

Is skin ageing inevitable, and can we really slow or even reverse or halt the signs of ageing?

One of the world’s leading dermatologists, Dr Zein Obagi (pictured above), believes our skin doesn’t need to age anywhere near as much as it does.

Dr Obagi maintains that signs of ageing mean the skin is unhealthy. Therefore, as with all other skin health conditions, he says ageing can be treated and a more youthful skin restored.

How? By dealing with ageing at a cellular level instead of just looking at the skin surface.

Dr Obagi explains that when he started out as a dermatologist he was taught to examine the skin surface – to see the spot, the wrinkle, the enlarged pores, the sun damage – and to devise treatments based on treating the skin surface.

“We never, never, never addressed the cells at the core that created that problem,” Dr Ogagi says.

And that is still the fundamental principle of nearly all skin treatments today. Almost all creams, lotions and serums do not penetrate the surface of the skin. At best they create a barrier to stop moisture escaping – leaving the skin looking temporarily plumped. But they are not actually making changes to the skin and deliver no real anti-ageing benefits.

Dr Obagi has taken a very different approach with ZO, the skincare line he has developed.

By using the latest science, unique delivery systems and ingredients with real anti-ageing properties that can penetrate the skin’s surface, Dr Obagi has found a way to treat skin problems and ageing on a cellular level.

He admits that when he started talking of maintaining youthful skin as we age, and reversing the signs of ageing to restore healthy skin, the medical profession laughed.

But as he began achieving the ‘unachievable’, doctors started to “call, to come to my clinic and ask me to train them”.

Now, many thousands of doctors, dermatologists and plastic surgeons use and prescribe the ZO system, and many thousands more patients swear by the results.

Dr Najma Hussain, who runs Medcare Aesthetics, has been trained in ZO skin health. She uses the products herself and prescribes them for patients in her clinics in Benijofar, Alfaz del Pi, and Manchester, UK.

She says: “The ZO skin health system is different, and far superior to anything I have previously encountered. It has transformed my own skin – leaving it brighter, livelier, plumped and taken away the laxity. And, I have seen the results on many very happy patients.”

ZO products cannot be bought in shops or online. They have powerful ingredients and must be supplied by a medical professional.

The range includes strong, doctor-only products, home use skincare and in-clinic treatments.

To find out more about ZO products and what they can do for you, book a free consultation with Dr Hussain and her team at Medcare. Call 966 860 258 or email doctors@medcarespain.com