One of the things our patients tell us they dislike most about ageing is that the way they look on the outside simply does not reflect the way they feel on the inside.

And, this is especially true when it comes to eyes.

As we age our eyelids may droop or our eyes may become circled by dark hollows or take on a puffy and swollen look.

This can have a dramatic effect on our expression – perhaps making us look tired when we are not, or angry, grumpy or sad when we are feeling no such emotions.

Perhaps it is this mismatch between how we are feeling on the inside and the way our eyes are making us look on the outside that makes eye treatments and surgery so popular.

So, what can you do to tackle eye wrinkles, drooping lids and sagging, puffy, lined or hollow under eyes?

There are lots of excellent treatments that can help, from medical-grade skincare products to surgery. Which is right for you depends on your particular problem and its severity. This is why we offer free consultations so you can discuss all the options and understand what results can be achieved.

Non-surgical treatments could include Botox to relax wrinkles around the eyes, fillers to improve under eye hollows or smooth the contour of puffy eyes, or radiofrequency (we use the award-winning Exilis Elite) to smooth and tighten skin around the eyes.

For more severe cases, surgery is probably the best solution. But once again there are options depending on your particular problem.

A brow lift can open up the eyes and reveal lids that may have become hidden by heavy, drooping brows. Removing fat from under the eyes gives a smoother, more youthful look. And, drooping eyes can be surgically corrected.

Our surgeon offers free consultations if you wish to find out what eye surgery could do for you.

To learn more, watch this video.

Drooping upper lids are corrected with surgery, taking the heaviness off of the upper eyelid.

Puffy under eyes have here been corrected with surgery, giving a smoother, younger look.

Quite severe bags have been greatly reduced with surgery.

Upper lids have been dramatically improved, giving this patient a much younger look.