Best for breast surgeryBreast surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures at Medcare, and it often seems to us that women are more unhappy with their breasts than any other part of their body.

Some women feel their breasts are too small, while others dislike that their breasts have lost shape and volume since having children. Some have unevenly shaped breasts and some complain that their breasts are too large. Then there are women who have survived cancer and have breast implants to reconstruct breasts after mastectomies.

The reasons for breast surgery are as varied as the range of sizes and shapes breasts come in. But whatever the reason for choosing surgery, one golden rule must be applied if you are to get the results you desire – always choose a well-qualified and experienced surgeon.

At Medcare, we work with one of the best surgeons in Spain, and our patients have always felt confident that they are in safe hands, even when they have every reason to feel nervous.

A recent patient, Barbara, came to us after a disastrous thigh lift surgery in Poland left her in terrible pain, incapacitated and facing months of hospital treatment.

She swore she would never have cosmetic surgery again. So when a routine mammogram revealed the breast implants she had fitted years earlier had ruptured she was devastated.

“I was quite simply terrified,” she told us. “But I had no option but to go back under the knife.”

With great reluctance, Barbara began to search for a surgeon she felt she could trust. She saw a number of doctors before coming to Medcare. But as soon as she met Medcare’s surgeon Dr Esbry, she knew her search was over.

“From the very first meeting Dr Esbry’s professionalism and knowledge inspired me to go ahead with new implants,” told us. “He answered all my questions and spent a lot of time carefully explaining everything to me.

“And, he even said he was not happy about the scars I had from my previous breast surgery and insisted he could improve them. Nobody had ever mentioned this and I had no idea that the scars could be improved, so this was a real bonus.”

Barbara had the surgery, which she described as “a great success and painless” in a private hospital in Alicante.

“I am delighted with my new implants and the previous scarring has almost disappeared after just four months,” she says.

“Staff at both the hospital and Medcare were efficient and friendly and Dr Esbry is my hero! My faith in cosmetic surgery is restored and, in fact, I am now considering an arm uplift procedure with Dr Esbry.”