two months to a two piece

Spring is in the air – which here in Spain means the warm weather is already with us and it won’t be long until we are on the beach.

But are you ready to shed your winter cover-ups and flaunt some flesh?

If you are not feeling quite like squeezing into your shorts, swimsuit or bikini, we may be able to help.

We offer two incredible treatments that literally melt or dissolve fat – Exilis Elite radiofrequency and Aqualyx.

These treatments are perfect for eliminating stubborn, hard-to-shift fat pockets.

Full treatment will take two to three months, so if you start now you can say goodbye to saddle bag thighs, flabby tummies, bingo wings, bra fat and even fat around the knees before summer arrives.

Exilis Elite

exilis eliteExilis Elite is an award-winning radiofrequency device. This amazing treatment ‘melts’ fat. Sounds incredible? It is.

It works by heating fat layers to just the right temperature so that fat cells break down. Liquid fat then escapes and is eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system.

And, just to make this fantastic treatment even better, Exilis Elite also tightens skin – so you get inch loss and firmer skin. What could be better?

Well, how about this – all this is achieved without so much as a pinprick breaking the skin! So, forget about no pain, no gain, Exilis Elite gives you all these gains with absolutely no pain.

In fact, many of our patients have described having Exilis Elite as feeling like a hot stone massage.

What people are saying about Exilis Elite

One of our patients, Anne, lost 7.5cm with Exilis Elite.

She told us: “I have always had a problem with belly fat, having had children and a hysterectomy, so was very interested when I heard about Exilis Elite, a treatment that melts fat and improves skin texture.

“There has been a big improvement, with a loss of 7.5cm around my waist. I would recommend the treatment to anyone contemplating having it done.”

And Anne is not alone. We have many patients who have seen waists whittled, tummies or thighs toned and bingo wings reduced and firmed.  This device really does give a solution to problem areas that are impossible to shift through diet and exercise.

Want to find out more? With all these great benefits why wouldn’t you! Book a free consultation with one of our aesthetic medicine experts and we can discuss what Exilis Elite could do for you.

Watch this video to see more of what Exilis Elite can do for your body – and also for your face.


Aqualyx is another fantastic treatment for ridding the body of spot fat.

Just like Exilis Elite, it works wonders on stubborn, hard-to-shift fat.

While results can be similar, the treatment is very different.

Aqualyx is an injectable gel. When it is injected into the problem areas it destroys the fat cell. Liquid fat is released and eliminated by the body.

Aqualyx – before and after

aqualyx before and after 2

Book a free consultation

With two great treatments to choose from, how do you know which is best for you? Easy, just book a free consultation with us and we can explain how Exilis Elite or Aqualyx could help you.